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Get Your Dream Job.

Get Your Dream Job.

Advertising Executive Application

Sales representatives consult with clients to develop campaigns that best meet the needs of their business. Advertising space is sold for both the Herald and the Talisman, in print and online. They help showcase the needs on social media and all platforms that reach students. Our sales representatives also work closely with the staff of Cherry Creative to pitch unique opportunities, including sponsored content and specialty publications, to clients. Sales representatives are paid with commissions for each sale.

Each semester the Herald accepts applications from students who want professional experience. Please fill out the application and hit submit. If you have any questions about the application process, contact the Herald’s Advertising Manager at herald.editor[at}, herald.advertising[at], or 270.745.6285

What is the College Heights Herald?

The College Heights Herald is a professional news organization operated by college students.Through a twice-weekly print edition, a continuously updated website at, social media and apps for mobile devices, the Herald provides readers with accurate, fair and balanced articles that meet the highest professional standards. Founded in 1925, the Herald is the main source of WKU news and events for students, faculty, staff and alumni. It is recognized nationally as one of the top college news organizations. The Herald has won 15 national Pacemaker awards and five Gold Crown awards.

Why work for the Herald?

Students working on behalf of Student Publications Advertising develop a skill set necessary to thrive in professional, fast-paced environments through working with local, national, and multi-national organizations alike. You will grow both personally and professionally during your time at Student Publications, with the opportunity to earn for yourself along the way.

Job Description

Department: Advertising

Reports To: Ad Manager

Hours: 10-15 a week

Paid: Yes, per advertisement sold


  • Responsible for producing sales
  • Develops leads for clients
  • Works closely with businesses to cultivate the best experience for their needs
  • Stay organized and on top of your leads and contacts
  • Bring a positive attitude to Student Publications
  • Should demonstrate willingness to learn
  • Must meet or beat all deadlines
  • Must learn to work with students with different backgrounds and needs in Student Publications


  • Must be a WKU student
  • Have taken business or sales classes
  • Strong interest in sales
  • Should be willing to cultivate a positive work environment


Advertising Executive Application

Form which students who want to work on the advertising staff fill out to apply.

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Working for Student Publications Advertising requires a time commitment. While most staffers are paid, this is a job, and editors and managers will expect you to complete your assignments in a timely fashion. Please answer the following questions to help us determine how much time you can commit to the newspaper.