More reasons to work at the Herald!


Herald Editor, WKUHerald


“It’s almost impossible to picture college without thinking of my time at the Herald.”-Cameron Love, news designer at The Charleston Post and Courier

“Dozens of student journalists every semester converge on the Herald newsroom to crank out the news. They pour their hearts, souls and even a few tears into the process. Along the way, they’re doing real work that will help them earn internships and jobs down the road. My journalism career started in the Herald newsroom, and so will theirs.”-Brandon Carter, social media production assistant on NPR’s Washington Desk.

“I found a home in the Herald’s student newsroom.”-Taylor Harrison, Bankruptcy Court Reporter for Debtwire.

 “I never imagined I would be part of something like the Herald. The experience I’ve gained here has prepared me for everything that lies ahead.”-Andrew Henderson, past Editor-In-Chief

Each semester the Herald accepts applications from students who want professional experience. Please fill out the application and return it to the Students Publication Center. If you have any questions about the application process, contact Carrie Pratt, College Heights Herald Adviser, at Student Publications.